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Meat and Potatoes Football

With Ohio State/Michigan and Thanksgiving upon us, this is the perfect time to be looking at ‘meat and potatoes’ football. Ohio State coach Woody Hayes was fond of saying, “Three things can happen when you throw the football, and two of them are bad.” Hayes was old school, which meant he loved to run the football.

Being able to successfully run the ball with a power running game adds so much to the dimensions of an offense. If you’re in a third-and-four situation, having a power back gives a coach the option of playing it safe and running the pigskin. Even if you pick up two yards, it’s still a viable option to run it again on fourth-and-short, if you have that reliable bruising back. Offensive balance is so important. A good running game makes the passing game that much better, because defenses may have to bring more guys up the line of scrimmage to key on the run. This makes play-action that much more effective. In addition, there is likely more single coverage downfield, making the air attack that much easier to click.

Here’s a look at the top rushers in the NFL right now: Shaun Alexander (1,114 yards), Edgerrin James (1,027), Warrick Dunn, Willis McGahee, Tiki Barber, LaDainian Tomlinson, Rudi Johnson, Clinton Portis and Thomas Jones. One thing that stands out is that all those teams have winning records with the exception of one (Buffalo with McGahee). Seattle is running away with the NFC West behind league leader Alexander, while James and the Colts are undefeated.

Another thing that stands out is that every one of those ยูฟ่าเบท teams has a winning spread record. The Colts and Seahawks are a combined 12-6 against the number. One team absent from that list is Denver. Mike Shanahan’s teams are still terrific at running the football, though they are doing it this year with running back depth, which is a trend several teams are starting to develop. This may be a wave of the future, but the value of the bruising workhorse back is still alive and well.

Former Alabamacoach Bear Bryant spent the last 15 years of his career utilizing the wishbone, a run-oriented offense. When asked about it one time he said, “The Wishbone is the greatest passing offense in football history.” His point was that defenses geared to stop the running game, but every now and then when you threw a pass, it often went for a huge gain because the defense wasn’t expecting it.

The top 5 rushing teams in the NFL are the Falcons, Broncos, Seahawks, Steelers, Bears and Colts. They’re all either leading their divisions or in the thick of the playoff race. Running the football may not be as exciting as a wide-open passing attack, but the bread and butter element of football is still a significant weapon — both straight up and against the number. Good luck, as always…Al McMordie.


How to Play Fantasy Football – Platoon Situations

Aside from the word “injury”, there is no other word more feared in fantasy sports than the word “platoon”. It has been much more common in fantasy baseball with Outfielders and Closers for many years, but the offensive approach in the NFL has been evolving for some time. We are now seeing platoon situations commonly used in the NFL backfields. The polite way of describing the use of multiple running backs is “running back by committee”. No matter how you term the approach, Platoon situations can be fantasy football team killers.

We have come to expect starting running backs to produce on a weekly basis, which is why they normally make up 80% of the players drafted in the first two rounds of standard-scoring fantasy football leagues. However, with over half of the league employing a Committee approach to their backfield, it is proving wise to change your drafting strategy. You can now use your first three picks on one of the top quarterbacks and two of the top wide receivers. This leaves plenty of productive running backs to draft from these committees, some of who could be the primary workhorse during the season in the event of an injury.

Teams With RB Committees To Consider

• Detroit Lions – Kevin Smith, Jahvid Best, Maurice Morris. You should target Best as your fourth round pick. There is a good chance that Kevin Smith will see little time after coming off an injury. The Lions have a good opportunity to see if they made the right choice with Best in this year’s draft.

• Carolina Panthers – DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart. Williams will be drafted in the first three rounds. Stewart is a number 1 back in most offenses, but is 1A here and is coming off of a foot injury. Over 1000 yards and double-digit TDs is very nice so grab him if Best is not available.

• Miami Dolphins – Ronnie Brown, Ricky Williams. Brown always has great games, but is too injury-prone. Ricky had a fantastic year after Brown went down last year and has plenty left in his legs. Grab either of these, Williams first, should they be available next.

• Arizona Cardinals – Chris Wells, Tim Hightower. The Cardinals will run much more this year with Leinart at the helm. Both running backs are productive and you cannot go wrong with either. Your preference should depend on your scoring system. Wells will get more carries, but  แทงบอลออนไลน์ will see more passes floated his way as well as more action around the goal line.

• Cleveland Browns – Montario Hardesty, Jerome Harrison. The Browns will be horrible, but they will continue to run the ball a lot, especially with Jake Delhomme at QB. Harrison had a monster final three games of 2009, but Hardesty seems to be getting drafted in the same location as Harrison (rounds 6-7). Hardesty seems to be the carrier the Browns would like to see succeed, but he is already dinged up. So, I would rank them equally at this point and consider getting both of them if you have the chance.

• Seattle Seahawks – Julius Jones, Justin Forsett, Leon Washington. Jones is way to unreliable and unproductive. Washington is coming off a devastating injury. So, Forsett would be the only back that I would draft. You could steal him in rounds 8-10 and end up with a possible number 1 RB.

Teams With RB Committees To Consider only when finishing your skill positions

• Houston Texans – Steve Slaton, Ben Tate, Ryan Moats, Arian Foster. After butterfingers, lack of production and injuries last year, Slaton should not be considered before the last few rounds. I truly think the rookie, Ben Tate, will be used sparingly and may be the first player drafted from this committee. So, your may strike gold with Arian Foster in low double-digit rounds.…


Football Video Highlights

If sports fans and football enthusiasts don’t have time to visit actual competitions due to workload or other commitments, this doesn’t mean that football and all other sports can be pushed into the sidelines. There is another thing that can be done in order to address this need. One way is to ยูฟ่าเบท budget just a fraction of his time and that will do the trick. And that small amount of time at the end of the day can be spent surfing the internet on the lookout for the best compilations of football video highlights.

These sites are managed and operated by a number of entities. News organizations have that, fans and the enthusiasts also set-up their own sites in order to document and immortalize great football actions, and of course the host organizations of the competitions and the championships maintains their own online sites as well. These sites are the enthusiasts’ source for information and of course football video highlights. The availability of these videos is like manna from heaven for fans that cannot religiously follow all the live football events and matches.

These videos are short and will not cover the whole match and all the pre-match observations and analyses. What are often included in football video highlights are usually the best aspects of the match, the goals that made the difference and the moves that captured the fancy of the capacity crowd. Football videos that can be viewed on these different sites are just perfect for the busy and who has limited time to spend on entertainment and the sports


Kids Enjoy the Excitement of Amazing Monster Games and Dragon Games

Thanks to the gaming industry for satisfying the imaginations of children with amazing monster games and dragon games. They are unique in nature and kids enjoy playing them where rules are flexible and designed for the kid minds. The young children are deeply absorbed in these games and employ their imagination in finding out solutions of problems that they face during games. The attitude is helpful in building the strength of character in kids as they learn many things like remaining steady in problems, calculations, geographical positioning, tactfulness and above all memory enhancement.

Inventors of these games must have been very much interested in child behavior and wanted to contribute to the development of kids’ personalities through an acceptable medium. Unlike แทงบอลออนไลน์  other board games, monster games and dragon games are fabricated to engage the attention of kid students and especially male kids, who spend the leisure period in right manner. Parents have the duty to make use of the online games and encourage their wards to take interest in exciting computer games.

Help your children to identify a reliable site to find real and worthy games for enjoyment. Certain sites provide good source of online games free of any charge, where kids get exclusive monster games and dragon games. The kid child enjoys exciting games like Monster Mayhem, where the player has to combat with another player or the computer monster in various settings. Similar games include Planet Noevo, a hostile planet, inhibited by ugly alien creatures and the player uses suitable weapons by constantly upgrading them to destroy monsters to remain alive. Other games are Sinjid-Battle Arena, Hulk Central Smashdown, Monster Joust Madness, where the player acts like a soldier and participates in an honorable tournament to defeat villains of another world and Zombieland, where enemy zombies keep coming and the player prevents the invasion with a baseball bat to survive. Several other adventurous games are available like Valencia Surehunter, Monster’s Den, Rabid, Naoxiando, Monster Breeding, Monster Flood, Cyber Ortek, Monster Master and The Spidewick Chronicles and many more.


How The Gambling City Of The World Reinvented Itself

Las Vegas, in United States of America, is viewed as the sanctuary for card sharks and is frequently alluded to as, “The Gambling City Of The World”. Las Vegas inns are unimagineable without the gambling clubs. The gambling club culture in Vegas blossoms with the adrenaline rush that individuals feel when they venture into the place where there is opportunity and sin. It is not necessarily the case that there aren’t some other types of diversion in the city, yet betting is in a real sense in the air when you are in Vegas. On the off chance that you are coming out on top consistently, anything is possible in Vegas! What’s more, when you need to enjoy some time off from betting, there are generally things like shows, aerobatic shows, clubs and shaking gatherings to play around with.

The recessionary burdens

Throughout the course of recent years as the betting business endured a hotshot during the incredible monetary downturn of 2007-2008, a ton of gambling club business moved to Macau in China. With incomes thriving in Macau ordinary, it has now become multiple times the size of the betting business in Las Vegas. Some even begun calling it, “Vegas on steroids.” At one place of time there was even an inquiry whether Las Vegas would endure the hit and restore its betting industry or would it vanish to rivalry that looked greater, better, and also less expensive in an Asian country.

To make due, numerous gambling club proprietors opened sister UFABET organizations in Macau alongside the current ones in Las Vegas. The business in Macao posed a potential threat slowly, and business investigators directed their concentration toward the Macau market rather than Las Vegas, on account of its weak incomes. Numerous excellent developments, which were arranged in Vegas came to a sudden stop as proprietors and designers were presently not certain of their streaming wellspring of assets had been slowed down especially towards the last piece of the Strip in the north. The greater part of these tasks were halted when the destruction in the economy occurred.

Recovery of Las Vegas economy

In any case, the downturn filled in as a reminder for the city of transgression, and it realize that it could as of now not base its incomes exclusively off of the betting business sector. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, betting isn’t going anyplace at any point in the near future. It is as yet a significant wellspring of income for the city, however what the city has done is marginally renovated itself. What you observe now are more healthy wellsprings of amusement and greater eateries and clubs. Eateries are undeniably more family well disposed than they were in the 90’s.…


Duck Hunt Game – Playing It Free Of Cost!

Just like with any other online gaming website, you might easily find a duck hunt game for free for playing online with relatively little work. While we performed one Google search for “duck hunting game for free”, thousands of matches came, so if you’re looking for one free duck hunt game, you’ll obviously have many choices. Here are some web sites which we found which are having duck hunting games for free: Acid Play’s ESPN 29 Soft Hunting Net Terra Games Free Downloads

And those websites just scratch the layer of sites where you may find one duck hunt game for free. Try out some other websites and see which you rate the best.

You should probably join as a member of the website for playing the duck hunt game  เว็บแทงบอล for free. Of course, this is free too and all it requires is one e-mail id along with a user name and a password which you will create by yourself. After you join it, take time to view around and see the things which they possess for offering it to you. Most would have message boards that are small communities of guys who love to speak about hunting, also hunting games, and general life. You would be having friends from every part of the globe!

A free duck hunt game – when not as much involved like any software version, would give you certain choices like the settings, the types of weapons used, and the number of duck which would be available to you for shooting. You should download their software into your hard drive that usually doesn’t take much time depending on the type of net connection you possess. Till you make sure that you possess a very reliable anti virus program, there would be no problem of contamination of the system by alien software. Also make sure that the website you’re downloading of the free duck hunt game software and which has an address which begins as https:// as the “s” denotes that it’s a very secure website.


Sports Gambling System – No Flaws in the System

With times however troublesome as they may be, individuals are battling to observe better approaches for making a decent living. Already, the method for doing this was through putting resources into the financial exchange and staying optimistic. Be that as it may, as of late, confidence in the securities exchange has faded, and land appears to be comparably untrustworthy. To an ever increasing extent, individuals are hoping to sports wagering frameworks for the solutions to their monetary burdens. Not at all like the securities exchanges, there is a trustworthiness in sports contributing that the vast majority can appreciate. Notwithstanding, there are still risks that the un-started may confront.

The primary significant gamble that sports bettors face is going excessively far excessively fast. This go big or go home mindset is extra from the times of securities exchange betting. This moment there is not an obvious explanation to possibly fail because of a games wagering framework เว็บแทงบอล. Any legitimate organization will let you know that you shouldn’t utilize over 5% of your pay on sports wagering. Utilizing anything else than that is just welcoming calamity. That ties directly into the following gamble, which is what procedure to utilize.

An amazing number of sports it are being publicized online to wager frameworks. Every one of these situation professes to be the ideal decision for every one of your games wagering needs. Be that as it may, the majority of these locales will be of no assistance to you, particularly on the off chance that their strategy doesn’t match your own. The issue is much more dreadful when the destinations are controlled by dishonest people. At the point when you start your inquiry, do as such by searching for client surveys about the organization as well as a business portfolio. In the event that the organization merits discussing, you ought to experience no difficulty tracking down fulfilled clients.

The following significant gamble is attempting to do excessively. You might adore all games, yet staying aware of all of your NFL picks, NBA picks, MLB picks and NHL picks might be excessively. There is no disgrace in scaling back the others to zero in on the one that is generally dear to you, or has the biggest capability of benefit. You really want to learn balance in all parts of sports wagering, from the genuine measure of cash to be utilized to which organization methodology to pick. More than that, you really want to pick an organization that has that equivalent sort of equilibrium.…


Game Consoles – Test Your Wits and Skills

Invention and innovation in every field has actually helped to enhance our wits and capabilities. It is the sheer determination and imagination of the human beings which has actually helped to enhance our lifestyle. Their determination and creativity has introduced various innovative gadgets at regular intervals. The latest game consoles are the most tempting gadgets which are accepted by people as the best alternative for entertainment. In fact, people should bear the serenity to accept the available resources to enhance their lifestyle. The interactive gaming devices are equally preferred both by the grown ups and the kids. The various innovative features which are incorporated in these systems permit them to play online games and chat with their friends too. As these widgets can be easily connected to other compatible devices, the gamers can enjoy their favorite interactive games in wide screens such as television set and personal computer too.

The games which are played in these games consoles are known as interactive games because their attractive animations and illustrations help the gamers to interact with the gaming characters with the help of certain features such as controllers, joy sticks etc. People always seek to own advanced gadgets to utilize their leisure time in a more better manner. Various renowned companies have entered into this arena to offer แทงบอลออนไลน์ high end gizmos to the game lovers. The game developers are striving hard to meet the high demands of the users. However constant innovations and developments in this arena have resulted in the development of gaming systems such as Xbox 360, PSP, Nintendo DS, PSP2 and PSP3 etc. These electronic gaming devices are technologically advanced and even enhance the knowledge and skills of the game lovers.

These game consoles have various user friendly features such as pads and buttons, controllers and joy sticks etc. The audio and video capabilities help the user to make the gaming environment more alive. As the taste of various gamers differ it is always wise to prioritise the requirements before entering into any purchasing process. The online stores can prove to be the best option to buy such gaming systems. These online stores offer the latest gaming gadgets at affordable prices. The players can select the interactive games from such genres like boxing, racing, driving, tennis, shooting etc. Moreover, they can even get various lucrative gifts and offers along with their favorite gaming system by shopping from these online stores.


Gamble With Someone Elses Money

Peruse on and figure out how to bet with another person’s cash. You can get huge number of dollars for nothing to play poker or online club games with. Without contributing ANY of Your own cash.

How can this be?

For what reason would it be advisable for anyone to give me free cash to bet with? There must be some sort of catch is the vast majority’s thought process. In any case, there isn’t. Online Casinos have generally offered store rewards to draw in new players and the cruel contest has prompted a few locales offering No Deposit Bonuses. When You open a free record it will be supported with a genuine cash store You can play with.

The main limitation it accompanies is that You need to bet a base sum, before You can pull out any cash from Your free record. When this necessity is met You can pull out the reward and every one of Your rewards. Since these prerequisites differ from one proposal to another You ought to peruse them well to know precisely when You are qualified to pull out.

Particularly in Online Poker the No Deposit Bonuses are given to You by partners of the poker rooms all the more frequently then by the poker room itself. In Online Casinos You for the most part get the cash right from the house. They basically act as a promoting apparatus for the destinations to acquire new players. The cashout limitations guarantee that a player creates income for the house and on the off chance that a specific measure of the new players become keeping players, there is more cash made then offered as no store rewards.

How much free cash is accessible?

There are many no store rewards accessible for a wide range of betting locales on the web. The generally referenced no store poker rewards and free club cash offers, yet in addition bingo or keno destinations that offer a free money to bet with.

Particularly the gambling club rewards can be pretty much as high as $1000. What’s more, there are a large number of them. A few catalogs for these offers list more than $10000 in free club cash. They generally work thusly. You get the no store reward and 30 minutes or an hour to play with it. After this time the game is halted and on the off chance that You have more than the beginning equilibrium, just the rewards are moved to Your genuine cash account. SO assuming You start with a $1000 Bonus and have $1175 after the one hour then You will get $175 into Your genuine cash account.

The Bingo and Keno Bonuses are typically low. Generally UFABET You are offer $5 or $10 to begin Your record with and there are play through limits too obviously. However, a method for going after some income sans work sometimes when another free bingo cash offer comes out.

Online Poker has many no store poker rewards accessible. You normally get $30 – $50 free poker cash to begin with and subsequent to arriving at a specific measure of played hands You get about a similar sum once more. There is additionally a raked hand prerequisite before You can cash out. On the off chance that You are qualified for every one of these no store poker extra offers, You guarantee up to $1200 in Free Poker Bankrolls.

So You get numerous long periods of free gambling club play with sufficient cash to put down a few genuine large wagers. You can check Bingo or Keno out and You can get a good poker bankroll. All without setting aside an installment. Indeed, even without offering any monetary data like Visa or ledger numbers. Necessities fluctuate a great deal from one proposal to another so generally read them cautiously.…