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GAP Consultancy Inclusive Environments and Auditing

When Gateshead Access Panel first came into being it was renowned for its access guide 'Designing to Enable'. This guide was unique at the time as it was produced from a service user perspective and it incorporated best practice in access design. GAP was called upon to assist in the design and refurbishment of many buildings in the Gateshead and Newcastle area.

Still offering this service - these comprehensive access audits ensure that disabled people and their families are able to access public buildings and new buildings. The access issues raised, recommendations made and suppliers mentioned are cross-referenced with service specifications known to the building industry and meet the criteria laid down by current legislation.

GAP Consultancy provides independent design and management consultancy support, for development of accessible and inclusive environments and services, as well as a range of training courses for construction and management professionals.

Our work ethos is underpinned by Gateshead Access Panel's pan-disability experience and close working relationships with local and national access and disability groups, as well as our partnership connections to other equality strands in the region.

This pan-disability background enables our consultants to consider the needs and implications for individuals with specific impairments, as well as more universal requirements to meet the widest possible needs of service and facility users, including those issues affecting people with: sensory, physical, developmental or learning disabilities, complex needs, long term conditions, mental health issues, and the implications for their partners, parents and carers.

Updated Friday 1 Nov 2013

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