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Who We Are

Gateshead Access Panel is a charity and social enterprise, with a pan-disability background. We have two principle areas of work – one charitable and the other commercial - which although distinct are also complementary and interlinked. Our charitable roots provide the foundation of our commercial enterprise.

Gateshead Access Panel’s initial aim was to empower and develop skills among disabled people in Gateshead. Supported by National Lottery funding, we have trained people to audit physical environments for accessibility and provided disability equality training. We have continued to support disabled people to obtain access to services and facilities, to gain transferable skills through volunteering, and to achieve their rights through supported advocacy and mentoring.

Over recent years our aim to be predominantly independent and self financing has encouraged the development of the commercial side of our organisation’s structure, including: GAP Consultancy and Auditing, GAP Access Training, and more recently our Direct Payments Support Brokerage.

This way of working follows our charitable objectives embracing the evolving needs of disabled people, their parents/carers and our commercial clients.

Updated Friday 25 Mar 2011

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