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Champion Samantha

Champion Samantha

Samantha Gray has been a volunteer receptionist with Gateshead Access Panel for eight years. She volunteers two days a week and whilst here has gained qualifications and work experience as well as valued friendship and support from her colleagues. As a result Samantha feels empowered and continues to grow in confidence.

In addition to her voluntary work, Samantha is also a keen sports woman. This interest began during her school and college years where she was able to compete locally. Keen to progress beyond this level, Samantha began her search for a professional coach in the region and eventually was successful.

For the last six years she has trained full time with Gateshead Harrriers. In addition, Samantha has recently represented England at the Senior Parallel Success Championships, an international sporting event, held in Birmingham. Sam's dedication and hard work was rewarded in the form of two gold medals for both the discus and javelin events and she now holds the title of England Champion in these disciplines.

Looking forward, Sam is currently training towards imporoving her distance for the javelin with a view to taking part in the Paralympics representing Great Britain!

Samantha's medals

Updated Tuesday 19 Jun 2012

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