Review of a Pig Story – ‘Piggis Play Games’ by Dave Donicci


Review of a Pig Story – ‘Piggis Play Games’ by Dave Donicci

‘Piggis Play Games’ is the primary in a progression of brief tales composed by Dave Donicci. Every story is about a group of pigs, known as Piggis, who live in a town called Piggi Paradise. There are six individuals from the family; the mother Piggi Princess, who is a simple pig, the dad Piggi Pete, who comes from Holland, and their six kids (three young men and three young ladies). Each Piggi has their own singular qualities and almost certainly, you will relate to a couple of them.

This first pig story is brimming with tomfoolery and สมัครแทงบอลออนไลน์ experience. It happens throughout the mid year occasions in the Piggis’ back garden in Piggi Paradise. The young men first test the young ladies to a round of football. Piggi Pink, the most youthful young lady, is very apprehensive about this from the get go however Piggi Plump, her more seasoned sister, helps by empowering her and by being a decent group pioneer. Soon thereafter, after a rest and some lemonade they have a ‘Back-and-forth’ contest; young men against the young ladies. I will not uncover who wins!

This pig story assists with showing small kids significant interactive abilities like cooperation, perseverance and great sportsmanship. The story is entertaining and makes grown-ups chuckle as well as youngsters!

This pig story is wonderfully represented with watercolors, and is reasonable for kids from an exceptionally youthful age (3 to 4 years of age), up to close to eight years.

Dave Donicci is as of now offering this first story as an eBook, video and book recording. On the off chance that you would like a free duplicate, go to

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