The Trials And Tribulations Of Being A England Supporter


The Trials And Tribulations Of Being A England Supporter

I watched the 1966 World Cup Final on television with my two sons, and while we were jubilant with the result it was only what we had expected and anything less than a convincing victory was never in our thoughts.

However, since that day, I have sadly watched a succession of excellent young players run themselves into the ground during the English team’s long and inevitable slide into obscurity. The ignominy of failing to qualify for Euro-2008 is only a few games away, and under the current coaching methods and management style it is sadly predictable.

An era of dark and empty days of watching future championships without an English side will then follow. Furthermore, just like the countless decades since the tennis world feared an Englishman, without draconian changes at the very top of the FA and right down to coaching staff level, it will be a long time before footballing-nations once again fear an English team.

In 1966, we had some of the best players in the world with a highly respectedufabet วิธีสมัคร manager who knew exactly how to extract 120% from his team and would brook no interference whatsoever.

I once played football against Tommy Lawton and I even scored a goal, but this was in the early days of WWII when most of the English team were under the protection of the Army. I was only 3-years old and had Matt Busby of Scotland, who was in the Army Physical Training Corps, on my side! Playing for England used to be a highly sought after honour, but today it is seen as a punishment by players who mooch around the turf with attitudes that show only too well they would much rather be elsewhere.

After all, who wants to play football for a bunch of losers?

The miserable, lack-lustre performance of most English players in all our recent games is going to get worse, and even the occasional win cannot reverse the trend. I know little more about football coaching and management than a cabbage, but I’ll guarantee that left to myself I could select and coach a team to perform better than any we have seen for many a year.

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